End to Slaughter Without Stunning in Denmark

DENMARK - Slaughter without prior stunning - for example, for kosher and halal meats - is no longer permitted in Denmark.
calendar icon 21 February 2014
clock icon 2 minute read

There is now a ban on religious slaughter without stunning in Denmark, according to TV2.

The new decree came into force on 17 February and means that Danish slaughterhouses can no longer apply for an exemption to drop stunning for religious slaughter.

The move has been opposed by the Jewish Society and the Islamic Religious Community in Denmark.

The changes follow a demand from the former Food Minister, Karen Hækkerup, in August last year that all religious slaughter without stunning in Denmark should be banned.

The two religious communities have tried to meet the current food minister, Dan Jørgensen, to express their opposition to the ban.

On TV2 recently, the Minister said that animal rights should come before religion.

European Union regulations require animals to be stunned before slaughter but member states are permitted to allow exemptions for religious slaughter. Under the new law, Danish slaughterhouses will no longer be able to apply for this exemption.

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