Animals Australia Advocates an Egg-free Australia

AUSTRALIA - ANIMALS Australia is advocating Australians go egg free, urging consumers to “put the hen before the egg”.
calendar icon 20 March 2014
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Victorian egg producers say they’re disheartened by Animals Australia’s on-going campaign to restrict consumer choice and even dissuade them from eating eggs.

Victorian Farmers Federation Egg Group president Brian Ahmed said egg producers were delivering clean, healthy eggs to consumers – caged, barn and free-range.

“Yet Animals Australia just keeps moving the goal post, first advocating consumers only eat free-range eggs and ultimately wanting us all to abandon eggs altogether.

Under the banner “Re-thinking Eggs” the Animals Australia’s website advocates consumers go “egg free”.

The AA website states: “Help put the chicken before the egg, by choosing delicious, affordable, cruelty-free alternatives... You can help change the lives of these sensitive animals by eating fewer eggs or going egg-free.”

Mr Ahmed said Animals Australia seemed to be moving to a position of opposing all commercial egg production.

“I love my eggs as do most Australians,” he said “They’re a fresh, clean and invaluable source of affordable high-quality protein.

“But I’ve got to say I’m sick of animal activists pushing farmers and consumers into a corner.

“Australians have the right to choose between a full-range of quality eggs – from the more affordable caged eggs at $3.00 a dozen to those produced from barn or free-range hens at $5-$6/dozen.

“It’s time that the professionalism and hard work of the Australian egg farmers was acknowledged, rather than being condemned by animal activists.

“Professional egg farmers contribute to the Australian economy, through their efficiency and skill, providing eggs at a low cost that benefits families with tight budgets and the economy in general.

“We give consumers choice in the eggs that they buy and the price they pay. None of this is acknowledged by Animals Australia.

“Emotive appeals to stop eating eggs do not improve the conditions of any chook. It is the skill and professionalism of the Australian egg farmer which does that,” Mr Ahmed said.

Michael Priestley

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