Western Australia Faces Egg Shortage in Lead-up to Easter

by 5m Editor
10 March 2014, at 6:47am

AUSTRALIA - Western Australian egg producers say there may be a supply shortage in the lead-up to Easter.

ABC reports that almost half a million chickens have been culled in the eastern states due to bird flu, causing a shortage of eggs in WA.

Some large supermarkets have sold out but smaller shops are reportedly unaffected.

Kevin McLeod of the WA Commercial Egg Producers Association says the shortage may have worsened due to panic buying but it is not expected to last for long.

"There possibly might be a shortage going up to Easter but, once Easter is over, there's generally a bit of a glut because people have got eggs in the refrigerator," Mr McLeod said.

Mr McLeod says local producers supply the majority of the state's eggs but the flu outbreak is having an impact.

"WA is supplying around about 65 per cent of the eggs in Western Australia," he said.

"If they have a little bit of a shortage in the eastern states, well they just stop sending eggs over here."