Looking Ahead: Product Trends for VIV Europe

THE NETHERLANDS - Companies that will be exhibiting at VIV Europe 2014 have been describing the products and systems that they will unveil at the animal protein agribusiness show taking place in Utrecht from 20 to 22 May.
calendar icon 2 April 2014
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Collaboration between Dutch and Belgian companies has resulted in a smart-farming system for the management of hatcheries, due to be presented at the exhibition by Pas Reform. Also in the area of hatchery developments, HatchTech will put the spotlight on encouraging the operator to be relaxed about the length of time allowed as the hatch window so that newly hatched chicks have chance to eat and drink before their transfer. Viscon Hatchery Automation is to demonstrate a method of live embryo detection in hatcheries to improve the hygiene associated with on-ovo vaccination.

Vostermans Ventilation is set to promote its 'Energy Line' range of fans against the background of intensified European standards on fan efficiency. Safety and controllability are key points alongside efficiency, price and low maintenance requirement when choosing a heating system, says Ermaf gas heaters manufacturer, Elster Kromschroeder, as it prepares to introduce a safety-first whole-house heater that could pay for itself in just two years through savings on gas usage.

Hotraco calls its next-generation poultry computer a first for using with the broiler cages that are appearing outside Europe as an option for housing chickens. In response to the challenge of maintaining a constant inside environment despite changing external conditions, Stienen BE will be displaying an aerodynamic air inlet and also the novel concept of wind-compensating side cabinets for poultry houses.

Demonstrations of deboning will feature on the exhibits of at least two companies at VIV Europe that offer poultry processing systems. Meyn’s show-time focus on chicken deboning will emphasise designs that are flexible for product type as well as being compact. Foodmate plans that its display will address the differences in demand found on other continents compared with Europe, plants in the United States handling bigger birds while those in Asia producing more portions according to the strict specifications of fast-food outlets.

The focus for Moba will be to demonstrate egg grading machinery that is easily cleaned in addition to being highly automated.

On the farm, could a better feed conversion rate be won by split feeding of different diets in the morning and afternoon? That intriguing possibility will be among applications to be suggested by Trouw Nutrition when presenting new precision feeding software linked to its premix programme.

An approach to reducing the use of antibiotics that will be presented by Intracare involves an aerosol for tissue protection and wound care, in which chelated minerals and given an organic coating and micronised to nanoparticles.

An upgrade to be described by Van Aarsen for its pellet mill emphasises higher hygiene and energy efficiency besides ease of operation. Easy cleaning is also being highlighted by Ridder as a feature of its latest drive unit used with air inlets and feeding and watering lines - the unit’s cast-iron casing can even be cleaned by a pressure washer. Dorset Green Machines already provides a sanitising process for pelleted organic fertiliser from its plants drying poultry manure but at VIV Europe, it will add the alternative for large-scale installations that involves creating more co-products by exposing the pellets to a high temperature in the absence of oxygen.

De Heus Animal Nutrition will talk about the feeding of baby pigs, introducing a new piglet feed programme allowing a smooth and early transition from a premium starter diet to a less costly second-stage formulation. Sonac is bringing first details of a plasma protein powder for pet foods, manufactured from the blood of sheep in order to avoid a possible allergic reaction by the pet to plasma or porcine or bovine origin.

Vereijken Hooijer intends to discuss the protection of piglets in farrowing houses by its new flooring and the animal welfare benefit possible from a free-farrowing system without crates.

Out of the 200 or more companies based in The Netherlands that work with the poultry sector, almost 100 now belong to the national industry’s Dutch Poultry Centre. Its members are also working together on projects, such as the 10-company consortium now in Mexico. The centre has invited high-level delegations from six target countries to attend VIV for discussions of poultry industry development.

How to control the emission of ammonia and odour from a poultry house without wasting energy will be the theme of the product launch of a biological air scrubber by Jansen Poultry Equipment. The VIV Europe stand of Vencomatic is being dedicated to what the company calls the Egg Way, meaning the journey for the egg from the next to the hatchery or retailer, with innovations including the integration of the the company's nest into a new aviary system and the development of a bird-friendly perch that protects hens from red mites.

For more information on VIV Europe 2014 in English, visit the event web site, www.viveurope.nl.

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