Novogen Enters Layer Market in North Sumatera

by 5m Editor
22 April 2014, at 8:41am

INDONESIA - Novogen has announced that it has now also entered the layer market in North Sumatera through the supply of the first NOVOgen Brown breeding stock.

North Sumatera is the third largest egg producing province in Indonesia after East Java and West Java.

Regional Sales & Technical Manager Suryo Suryanta explained: "The chicks have been delivered by NOVOGEN’s layer breeding partner in East Java to PT Expravet Nasuba, a subsidiary of Mabar Group, which is the major layer producer in the province. This first shipment reflects our strategy to expand our business in the western region of Indonesia."

Mr Suryanta added: "Besides Expravet Nasuba, two other breeding companies in the province have shown their interest to place the NOVOgen Brown. So far the NOVOgen Brown has shown very good results in East Java and we strongly believe this will be the same in North Sumatera."