Triea Systems Debuts Alternative Heating System for Poultry

US - Triea Systems, LLC, a firm focusing on acquiring, developing and commercializing disruptive and game changing technologies that conserve energy and reduce pollution, announces the release of its new alternative energy heating system for poultry producers.
calendar icon 3 April 2014
clock icon 3 minute read

The Triea system is a patent-pending heat recovery and redistribution system that captures waste and excess heat from various sources and media (liquids, solids, gases) simultaneously, concentrates then redistributes the heat at higher temperatures for such purposes as space, water, and industrial process heating.

The system recycles heat at far lower costs than heat produced by fossil fuels. The system also has the capability to provide space and process cooling at a cost significantly below current technologies. The Triea system utilizes a proprietary double loop compression and evaporation cycle which enables the extraction and concentration of heat at higher levels than can be achieved by legacy systems.

Triea’s solution for poultry producers uses one of the most ubiquitous materials available to chicken growers – chicken manure (or litter). The Triea system extracts heat from composting chicken litter, a heat source that can easily exceed 125°F, and through Triea’s proprietary central processor, introduces this organically-produced natural heat into the broiler house.

"Triea’s solution is really a game changer for poultry producers," said Chris Haug, Triea’s Chief Executive Officer. "We’ve been able to demonstrate a significant operating cost savings for producers, where growers can realize in excess of a 65 per cent savings on their propane costs."

"We’ve demonstrated this savings in arguably one of the harshest winters in over a decade," added Mr Haug.

Earlier this winter, Valley Engineering of Harrisonburg, Virginia, conducted 3rd party testing and validation of the Triea system installed at Cottage Hill Poultry Farm in Petersburg, West Virginia. The firm projects the annual cost of operating the Triea system and effectively heating two broiler houses at just over $7,000. This figure compares to the high cost of traditional propane heating systems, which can easily exceed $18,000 per year for the same two-house heating scenario.

"I am very much amazed at the efficiency of the Triea system. Our validation work proved to me the significant cost advantages a move to this new alternative heating system should be for poultry growers," commented Phillip Gentry, Director of Building Systems at Valley Engineering.

"We’re really excited about the introduction of the first commercially viable and economical compost-to-heat system to the ag sector," said Mike Schmid, Triea’s Chief Marketing Officer. "We are set to debut both the poultry heating system and our go-to-market strategy, as well as our new management team at the 6th Annual Mid-Atlantic Energy Technology Forum in Philadelphia on Thursday, 3 April."

"We’re really pleased to be one of the Forum’s participating companies, complete with an alternative energy system that is wholly disruptive, yet environmentally friendly and sustainable, and benefits one of our nation’s greatest resources – our farmers," added Mr Schmid.

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