BioPoint Brings New Opportunities to Modern Poultry Production

POLAND - BioPoint is a dynamic animal health product supplier based in Poland, EU. For more than a decade the company has offered products that bring new opportunities to modern poultry production.
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The company was founded by a practicing veterinarian and has grown thanks to close cooperation with practicing specialists of animal diseases as well as with scientific research centres.

The company's current poultry offering includes an unrivalled pallet of more than 30 products, delivered in a form of highly concentrated water-soluble additives applied via drinking water, giving modern poultry producers new powerful tools to improve production profitability. These improvements can be achieved by timely application of a targeted product (or product combination), resulting in reduced incidence or severity of problems that lower production result.

Over the last five years, the company started exporting to more than 20 countries in several continents. This highlights growing interest in BioPoint preparations globally.

Efficacy of its products is based on deep understanding of poultry breeding, combined with awareness of the substances used, particularly knowledge of herb-derived active ingredients and their application. All this is not sufficient to deliver efficient products though. To guarantee efficacy of preparations in practice BioPoint introduced proprietary ALL IN technology, based on close control of active ingredients of natural origin. The benefits of application of the technology include:

- Constant level of active ingredients (incl. herb-derived ingredients)
- High product activity during the shelf life
- Constant activity along the drinking line
- Nothing unnecessary – just active ingredients
- Low dosage – high efficacy

Key products include:

SALIVET is a mixture of natural salicylates, which evidence anti-inflammatory and anaelgesic effects. They inhibit the blood platelet aggregation. Diluting the blood, they prevent cardiovascular system disorders. Natural salicylates contained in SALIVET are the best solution for breeder problems concerning the rearing of young birds and during the final fattening period.

COCCILIN is a complex blend of herbs that positively affects intestinal epithelium, supports the process of assimilation in poultry. Used in control of protozoan infections. The product is a result of years of herb application in poultry and is setting new standards of efficacy in its category.

BIOLAX is a preparation used in the case of persistent wet bedding problems. The preparation is particularly beneficial if the feed contains an increased amount of non-amylaceous polysaccharydes (fresh cereal, large rye and barley content in the feed dosage) which are often responsible for wet bedding problem.

BioPoint preparations, when applied in poultry breeding, can significantly reduce the use of antibiotics to the animals. As a result meat destined for human consumption is safer, which becomes increasingly important in a world of growing consumer awareness.

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