Controlling Infectious Bronchitis Virus: New Virkon S Results

UK - The Infectious Bronchitis (IB) virus has been a worldwide problem for the poultry industry for many years. However, the negative effects of an IB virus infection can be prevented by vaccination and the implementation of strict biosecurity principles, according to DuPont Disinfectants.
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Terminal flock turnaround biosecurity measures are commonplace but are the biosecurity products currently selected, genuinely capable of decontaminating farms where there is a pre-existing IB virus challenge?

Choosing the right disinfectant is important, as poultry housing surfaces and disinfection application methods vary, and the speed of decontamination action under specific environmental and temperature challenges can be critical when ensuring flock protection.

New independent virucidal assessments have been recently completed on DuPont™ Virkon® S demonstrating efficacy against IB virus in the presence of organic challenge. The assessment showed that a 1:100 dilution of Virkon S in hard water completely inactivated IB virus, in 10 minutes, resulting in an impressive ≥5.5 log10 reduction in viral titre.

Anthony Pearson, DuPont Disinfectants, advises: "The challenges of temperature in poultry production must be considered carefully. In summer, poultry houses are warm environments. This means that a disinfectant applied to a warm surface can evaporate and dry within 20 minutes. These fast-drying conditions require the disinfectant to work effectively within minutes. However, some disinfectants can take an hour to be effective and in hot climates, they may well be ineffective."

In the winter, when water temperatures can be less than 4°C, the diluted disinfectant must demonstrate ‘speed of kill’ and superior efficacy even at lower temperatures. Many disinfectants however struggle when faced with the combination of colder weather and organic challenges.

Poultry producers can be confident that Virkon S is highly effective on all surfaces across a wide range of temperatures. With quick activity when applied in recommended volumes (300ml per square metre) and at a dilution of 1:100, if used as part of the terminal/clean out/turn around biosecurity programme, and following the operator’s cleaning of the surfaces with a compatible detergent, Virkon S will control IB virus. For more information, please visit

Virkon S should also be an integral part of the operator’s continual biosecurity protocol (at a 1:100 dilution) in foot dips, to reduce the potential cross contamination challenges between poultry houses and farm buildings.

In the final crucial days leading to bird slaughter, Virkon S can be applied to the drinking water (at a dilution of 1:1,000) to reduce cross-contamination in the poultry house.

Virkon S is a scientific breakthrough that continues to define biosecurity performance standards. It is not surprising that based on its flexible, fast-acting disinfection performance in a wide range of biosecurity uses, Virkon S is selected and approved by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control.

Mr Pearson summed up: "This new performance assessment marks the start of a series of new Virkon S efficacy updates across a range of bacterial and viral infection challenges in poultry production and underlines DuPont’s ongoing commitment to supporting poultry producers globally."

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