German National Goalkeeper Inaugurates Houses for Broiler Production

GERMANY - Clara Woltering from Coesfeld-Lette is a state-certified agriculturist – and a top handball player: She has been keeping goal for Germany's women's handball team since 2003. However, the professional athlete never lost focus on her "other" profession.
calendar icon 8 May 2014
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Agriculturist Clara Woltering (second from the left) and her parents invested in two houses for broiler production. Big Dutchman sales executive Werner Meckelnborg (on the right) brought flowers and gifts along with his congratulations.

Each of the two new buildings is equipped with four lines of the Augermatic poultry feeding system.

Constant and safe delivery of feed from the silo to the poultry feeding system: FlexVey PUR (picture taken from the leaflet)

Together with her parents, she added another branch to the family-owned farm: broiler production. The two new houses for 39,900 birds each were recently inaugurated with an Open House. 300 guests used the opportunity to see the outstanding result and the Big Dutchman equipment.

Innovation supplies the poultry feeding system

One of the highlights of the new houses is FlexVey PUR, a new Big Dutchman conveying system which conveys feed from the silo to the house and is extremely resistant to wear and tear. Its special feature: The spiral hose is made of high-quality, wear-resistant polyurethane. Endurance tests have shown that the service life of this system is four to five times longer than that of traditional conveying systems.

The pliable hose is easily installed and very flexible. Complicated mounting around corners is no longer necessary. The system is also very quiet to operate: an additional advantage which reflects positively on the behaviour of the birds and reduces stressful situations in the house. FlexVey PUR is available with diameters of 75 and 90 mm.

Healthy feet, happy birds

Dry and loose litter which allows the broilers to scratch and dust bathe to their heart's content is a very important factor for the well-being of the broilers. Wet litter, however, may lead to inflammations of the very sensitive foot pads. This increases the risk for infections and stops the broilers from moving due to the pain they are experiencing.

The Woltering family therefore decided to install a ventilation system whose functionality has been updated by Big Dutchman. Thanks to this system, heating is used in such a way that the litter remains dry even on days with much precipitation – without wasting energy.

Classics for broiler production

In addition to numerous classic Big Dutchman products such as the Augermatic poultry feeding system, the Fluxx 360 feed pan and the Fooging Cooler spray cooling system, the flexible ViperTouch climate and production computer has also been installed. The computer is easily operated by means of a touch screen, has three freely selectable operation modes and can be used for all established types of ventilation.

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