Insistence against Poultry Farm in Maltese Council

by 5m Editor
19 May 2014, at 7:25am

MALTA - Siggiewi local council is insisting against a building permit for Dar l-Irzizet in a zone called Tad-dikkiena. Other NGOs including Dar tal-Providenza, Flimkien ghal-ambjent ahjar, Friends of Earth Malta and Rambler’s association have also insisted against the project.

If the permit is approved, a poultry farm will be built encorporating four large tents, reports The Malta Independent.

Siggiewi Mayor Karol Aquilina said that apart from the inevitable odour that will surround the area, the project will have a negative aesthetic and rural impact on the area.

There is also water contamination risk in the area surrounding Wied il-Lewza.

During a press conference, Fr Martin Micallef, Director at Dar tal-Providenza, said that the NGO fully supports the local council on this issue, adding that it will have a negative impact on residents of Dar tal-Providenza, which is located closeby.