Insta-Pro Offers New, Cost-effective Way to Make High Quality Animal Feed

GLOBAL - Insta-Pro International has unveiled its new medium shear extruder, which finally answers the market's demand for a low cost extrusion solution that effectively produces pet and fish feeds of high quality, equal to that of higher cost extrusion systems.
calendar icon 16 May 2014
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This new medium-shear extruder features the ability to use variety of ingredients at capacities up to double those of high-shear extruders which provides pellets as small as 2mm.

What this means for users of the new medium shear extruder is:

  • increased capacity
  • lower cost of production
  • the ability to make smaller pellet sizes
  • the ability to make different shaped pellets
  • improved pellet quality, and
  • easy to implement into existing extrusion systems.

"We know that our customers across the globe have been struggling to find solutions to meet their customers need for capacity and pellet size variety at an affordable price," said Insta-Pro’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Karl Arnold.

"That’s why we've invested three years in designing and testing this revolutionary new machine that will deliver more for less and at the same time, give the producer more options in terms of pellet size and shape and overall improved production."

He continued: "Our job is to help our customers make more money, save time and serve their own customers better. This machine will allow us to deliver all three."

The new medium shear extruder is currently being field tested Akin Sateru Farms in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tester and HRM Oba Akinloye from Nigeria said: "Insta-Pro’s medium shear extruder gives us the ability to produce a smaller floating pellet of approximately 2mm+, which is not possible with high shear. Previously, with high shear extrusion, we produced pellets of 6mm, which we then crumbled into pieces of less than 2mm, however the crumbles do not float. This is important for us."

He went on to add: "We also find the medium shear pellets to be round and more uniform compared to the pellets from high shear.”

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