Poultry Helps Boost Papua New Guinea's Economy

28 May 2014, at 8:29am

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - The poultry sector is free of major diseases and contributed more that US$260 to the country's economy in 2013.

The poultry industry in Papua New Guinea last year contributed K750 million (US$264 million) to the nation's coffers, says Poultry Industry Association President, Stanley Leahy.

Solomon Star reports him saying that the vast majority of Papua New Guineans (more than 80 per cent) rely on agriculture and it was great to see the Deputy Opposition leader acknowledging the need to support the agricultural sector.

Mr Leahy said: “The Poultry Industry Association (PIA) has commended Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil for supporting PNG farmers and our rural communities.”

He said last year the PIA analysed its production figures for 2012 including the analysis of the size and economic reach of the SME sector.

After reviewing the distribution and market prices of SME farmers, the PIA conservatively estimated the smallholder sector alone contributes more than K400 million (US$141 million) to PNG’s economy annually.

“This is based on the distribution of commercial birds alone. It does not include non-commercial strains of village birds,” he said.

The National Agriculture Research Institute said the last census data revealed that one in four households are engaged in poultry production.