Arbor Acres School Goes Dutch with Russia, Kazakhstan

23 June 2014, at 8:40am

GLOBAL - The sixth week-long Arbor Acres® School for customers from Russian and Kazakhstan recently took place in the Netherlands.

The School has become an important annual event in the region as a platform to improve knowledge and share experiences from a wide range of management backgrounds.

The aim of the School is to provide a close quarters mix of theory and practical support. Eight attendees from four companies, stretching from the Black Sea to Siberia, took part in this year’s School, including Agrokomplex, Bashkirsky Broiler, Elinar Broiler and Sayanski Broiler.

Key topics covered were Parent Stock management, ventilation and biosecurity. Two full days of training took place at the Barneveld College, supported by practical sessions on ventilation for PS and broilers by Dutch companies PTC+ (Jos Mulder) and Koudijs (Henk Rodenboog). The group also took time to see the theory put into practise at three state-of-the-art broiler farms in the Netherlands.

Dr Zoltan Marton from the Aviagen® Global Veterinary team highlighted how providing birds with the cleanest possible environment for expressing their genetic potential is critical