Managing Our Risks: Due Diligence at Hiring

5 June 2014, at 9:19am

US - Good risk management in poultry production ensures the future of our food business, according to David Kenyon of Diamond V.

Poultry producers manage many nutrition and health risks through the feed by using products such as Diamond V Original XPC™. However, Mr Kenyon says, there are other risks today, including the risk of an illicit undercover investigator whose goal is to create video or other recordings in an attempt to bias public perception against modern poultry production.

Running a quality poultry operation largely reduces this risk. Nonetheless, good risk management includes due diligence in the hiring process.

The hiring risk usually is greatest during busy times, when there may be a relaxation of attention to the quality of those who are hired. At these times, those with hidden agendas are more likely to attempt to gain access.

Due diligence in the hiring process reduces the risk of employing someone who does not have at heart the best interests of quality animal production, co-workers or the company.

Consider to:

  • verify previous employment
  • verify current addresses
  • check references
  • make background checks
  • require all employees to sign off on policies, letters of agreement and confidentiality and privacy agreements, and
  • review the new employee interview and orientation process, ensuring input of human resources, legal, and animal welfare expertise.

Mr Kenyon adds, for recently hired employees, watch for “red flags” - questionable behaviour and other signs of a possible illicit undercover investigation in the poultry operation.