Nigeria Destroys Illegally Smuggled Poultry Goods

16 June 2014, at 9:59am

NIGERIA - A large shipment of illegally smuggled poultry meat worth almost US$30,000 has been destroyed by the customs service.

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) officials intercepted the goods near the town of Ibadan.

The goods constituted 'serious economic sabotage' to local poultry producers, reports the Vangaurd.

The team while on duty impounded a Mazda, Volkswagon Passat and faker bus, along Agbegi-Olodo axis of Osun State, all loaded with over 10.000 cartons of imported poultry products.

The Customs Area Controller (CAC) of the Command, Mr. Oteri Richard, in a chat with Sunday Vanguard, expressed displeasure about illegal smuggling of frozen poultry products, which is prohibited into the country, to the detriment of local farmers.

“Recently, a truck with registration number LS 665 XC, loaded with 16,180 cartons of frozen poultry items was also intercepted and destroyed in the Command. I am using this opportunity to warn Nigerians that consumption of imported frozen poultry products is harmful to health as hazardous chemicals are used in preservation of those items, even as this illicit trade destroys our local economy”, he said.