Seminar Unifies African Egg Industry

17 June 2014, at 9:55am

SOUTH AFRICA – A multinational seminar has geared African egg production towards a more sustainable and poverty fighting future.

The International Egg Commission (IEC) seminar for egg producers’ organisations was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, last week.

The two day seminar brought together industry organisations from Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and IEC members from Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Topics discussed included egg and human nutrition, poultry health, housing systems, financing small businesses and the role of producer organisations.

Speaking after the event, Dr Olaf Thieme of the World Food and Agriculture Organisation said: "The inclusion of all stakeholders of the poultry values chains - including small and large producers - in the formulation of national action plans will be important for achieving a sustainable development of the poultry sector that will contribute to a reduction of poverty and malnutrition."