Taste the Difference with Pasture-Raised Eggs, Says Farmer

20 June 2014, at 9:16am

US – Pasture hens produce better tasting eggs, according to a US smallholder from Illinois.

The Daily Journal reports that Joann Dickman, who has kept chickens for 16 years, insists that marketing ‘cage-free’ and ‘pasture-raised’ is not merely a question of semantics but a way of producing better tasting eggs.

Mrs Dickman, from Herscher, has noticed a rise in sales in recent years.

Grocery chain Berkot’s Super Foods is now stocking two brands of locally produced eggs for the free range market.

"We wanted to see a locally grown company offer a different variety to customers," Matt Stalla, the manager of the Mokena Berkot's, told The Daily Journal.

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