Wisconsin Rapids City Council Approves Chicken Ordinance

by 5m Editor
19 June 2014, at 6:13am

US - Wisconsin's City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday (17 June) evening that will allow residents to keep a limited number of chickens in the city.

Council member James Stack, who voted against the ordinance during a Finance and Property Committee earlier this month, cast the only no vote Tuesday night, reports Winsonsin Rapids Tribune.

"I feel that chickens are farm animals and belong in the country, on farms," Mr Stack said. "Cats and dogs are pets, not chickens."

When the ordinance goes into effect, people living in one- or two-family homes may keep up to four chickens. They cannot have any roosters and are not allowed to sell any eggs the chickens produce.

There is a large movement to purchase fresh produce from farmers markets, said Katrina Hittner, a member of the Clean, Green and Welcoming Group, which proposed the ordinance. Giving residents the opportunity to have fresh eggs is the next logical step, she said.

The ordinance also will allow parents to educate children on where their food comes from and eating healthy, Ms Hittner said.

Council member Scott Kellogg said he contacted Stevens Point officials and asked the whether Stevens Point had any problems with its chicken ordinance during the past three years. The answer was no, Mr Kellogg said.

The ordinance will have to come back to the City Council one more time and be published before it goes into effect.