Decree for Fines for Animal Health, Feed Penalties Released

VIET NAM - The report provides un-official translation of Vietnam Decree 119/2013/ND-CP, dated 9 October 2013, promulgating the Regulation on Administrative Penalty in the Field of Animal Health, Livestock Breeds, and Animal Feeds. The Decree entered into force on 25 November 2013.
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Decree 119/2013/ND-CP promulgates the regulation on administrative violations; penalty methods; level of penalty and remedial measures applied to violations in the areas of animal health, animal breeds and animal feed (including fishery breeding, aquatic feed, products use for treatment of environment of livestock production and aquaculture).

The Decree does not cover penalty on food safety related violations as food safety violations are covered by Government Decree 178/2013/ND-CP on the Regulation on Administrative Penalties on Violations of Food Safety.

The penalty methods vary from warning and financial fine to withdrawal of business license, destruction of products, or forcing to re-export. Case by case, and depending on level of violations, one or more of the penalty methods are applied. The Decree also provides details on remedial measures applied for each kind of violation.

The maximum level of fines applied for a violation in the area of animal health and animal breeds are VND 50 million for individuals and VND100 million for organizations, respectively. The maximum level of fines applied for violation in the area of animal feed range from VND100 million for individuals and VND200 million for organizations.

For imported animals and animal products, the fine from VND30 million to VND50 million are applied for imported animals and animal products without a Health Certificate issued by the competent agency of exporting country; or failing to meet the veterinary requirements of importing country.

Remedial measures applied for animals and products without Health Certificate include re-exporting or destroying the products.

In the case of violations of not meeting veterinary hygiene requirements, remedial measures such as heat treatment, or to change the use of the product; or re-exporting; or destroying the product are applied.

The fine from VND40 million to VND50 million applies for imports of animal breeds that are not on the list of animal/aquatic breeds allowed for import or circulation in Viet Nam. The remedial measure applied for this violation is slaughtering, pre-processing, processing or destroying.

The importation of animal feed that are not on the list of animal feed allowed for circulation in Viet Nam ; or import without permission of authorized agency, is subject to a fine from VND40 million to VND50 million.

The remedial measure applied for this violation is re-export or destruction of the product. In the case of imported animal feed containing banned products for use as animal feed, the fine is from VND70 million to VND100 million, and the remedial measure applied for this violation is re-exporting.

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