Heating Costs Money: Don’t Burn it, Earn it

3 July 2014, at 9:47am

ITALY - A corner stone in the Termotecnica Pericoli philosophy is to keep abreast with the newest technology and market requirements, which include meeting and or exceeding market requirements including all EU directives in respect to efficiencies and emissions.

Agri Term PropellorAt the VIV Europe trade show in Utrecht, the company took the opportunity to re-introduce the new and upgraded agriTERM range of direct fired heaters, to save you from burning your profits

The new agriTERM range feature amongst other features an increased capacity in both the blowers and burners, resulting in some impressive increases in both performance and efficiencies.

The large increase in blower has improved the heat distribution with an increased airflow, throw and cone, covering effectively a great area.

This has also contributed to a marked improvement in both the burner capacity and efficiencies. The new burners have a 99.5 per cent combustion rate therefore producing a greater heat output, allowing for more upgrades and innovation in the blowers selection creating improved air flow/throw increases from 25 per cent to 145 per cent, depending on the model.

So what came first, the chicken or the egg or, with the new agriTERM, it is rather the result of two key elements being co-dependent; the larger capacity blower followed by the greater capacity blower or the other way round.

Whichever way one looks at it, the net result of this is: greater efficiencies with a greatly reduced carbon footprint - money saved or earned not burnt!