Nutritional Appointment to Cobb World Technical Support Team

15 July 2014, at 9:52am

US - Vitor Hugo Brandalize has been appointed as nutritional specialist in the Cobb World Technical Support team.

Vitor Hugo Brandalize

A veterinarian from the Federal University of Paraná in Brazil, Vitor Brandalize holds a Masters Degree in veterinary science — animal nutrition. He worked for several companies in the Brazilian industry including Nutron Food and Globoaves before becoming an executive with Tyson Foods.

Mr Brandalize will continue to work from Brazil where he will be closely involved with Cobb-Vantress Brasil, as well as assisting in regions around the world.

“Vitor is a very open, friendly and dynamic individual who understands all aspects of broiler production,” said Dr Steve Bolden, director of Cobb world technical services.

The Cobb World Technical Support team, now with 13 experts in all aspects of poultry production — from hatchery to processing plant and veterinary science ventilation – provides high-level expertise to support to the company’s regional technical advisers.