UK Poultry Body Welcomes Food Security Report

3 July 2014, at 10:13am

UK - A new government report on food security has been welcomed by the British Poultry Council.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has published a report into Food Security.

In response to the report, British Poultry Council CEO, Andrew Large, commented: “We are pleased that the Committee has given serious consideration to Food Security. It remains an important issue not only for the food industry, but for all in the UK. There are important matters raised in this report. The Government should consider them carefully and indicate in its response how the UK’s food security can be ensured.”

“As per our evidence to the Committee we particularly welcome the Committee’s focus on the strategic risk posed by animal feed imports. In January of this year, 70 per cent of our members said feed prices were the single most important factor in their overall cost of production. The poultry meat sector expects that this will be an important element of future UK food security policy.”