British Science Festival: What Makes a Happy Chicken?

12 August 2014, at 10:46am

UK - The British Science Festival is opening in Birmingham 6-11 September.

The festival showcases some of the latest studies and approaches the scientific community faces with emphasis on climate change.

Talks on Is free-range egg production all it’s cracked up to be? will be held on 9 September, which will cover topics such as how to shop with animal welfare in mind.

Many other talk will be held, including:

Great EDF Energy Experiment: The Big Bumblebee Discovery 7 September

Charles Lyell Award Lecture 8 September

The changing face of Antarctica 8 September

Margaret Mead Award Lecture – Climate Hazards in a globalised world: Chinese, drought, bread and the Arab Spring 9 September

The water fleas save the world 9 September

Is The World Running Out Of Food And What Can We Do About it? 10 September

Halstead Lecture: Exploring global tectonics from your armchair 10 September

Space for some events is limited, so book now to reserve your place at or call 08456 807 207 for more information.