EW Nutrition Launches 'Science and Innovations' Series

PHILIPPINES & VIET NAM - EW Nutrition has taken the transfer of technical know-how and the sharing of specific scientific information to a new standard with customers. The launch of a science based course of lectures aimed to give more technical background, application, and new relevance to EW Nutrition products.
calendar icon 21 August 2014
clock icon 3 minute read

The inaugural events were held in South East Asia Pacific (SEAP) where two sessions took place, one in the Philippines (Manila, 12 August) and then one in Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City, 14 August).

The intensive and focused one day event was targeting the opportunity of using egg powder immunoglobulins as a feed ingredient, especially in the feed for young animals. EW Nutrition speakers and external invited speakers including Dr Mike Varley (The Pig Technology Company), Professor Nguyen Tat Toan (Nong Lam University) and Nancy Romano (DVM, PhD) explained how immunoglobulins from the egg (IgY) work in general and how they can support the sow, neonatal and weaner piglets, as well as calves in different stages of life. Dr Shofiqur Rahman, a scientist from EW Nutrition Japan K.K, added the huge background and expanded scientific information and the current product applications to humans.

IgY’s from the egg, fed as an egg powder via the diet, milk replacer or directly as a doser, is a highly innovation approach to management of the young animal where control of diarrhea causing by different pathogens is essential.

Egg antibodies (IgYs) attach to the antigens in the intestine, same environment where the pathogens causing diarrhea proliferate and colonise. Thus the time-lag when the animals are vulnerable is also by-passed, the weak immune system underdeveloped and needs time to develop and establish IgG’s. This is truly innovative technology, Dr Fellipe Barbosa (Product Manager – Globigen®) explained.

"For us it is a great moment to see how interested customers are in that topic and to get their feedback directly in the discussions" stated Daniel Tepe as responsible person in the EW Nutrition Product Management.

In total more than 200 feed and nutrition professionals joined the two events. "A milestone in our relationship to customers as both parties invest valuable time in sharing knowledge and experience," said Robert Nichol, who runs the EW Nutrition business as General Manager in SEAP.

"As base producer of our products we can connect with the target audience more directly, ensuring the correct flow and transfer of scientific information straight from the producer to the end user. There was unanimous consent that this approach has to be continued proceeding with other topics like the usage of secondary plant compounds and toxin binders in feed."

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