How Much Chicken Do We Eat in the UK?

11 August 2014, at 11:14am

UK - One of the most common questions the British Poultry Council gets asked is how much chicken the UK eats.

Here are two ways to look at it:

The 2013 annual total was about 870 million British birds bred, hatched, reared, and slaughtered in this country. We also imported the equivalent of (as cuts, portions, and products) another 400 million birds, the majority of which was from other European countries.

The Council can also estimate how many times chicken is eaten every year in the UK.

Around 95 per cent of the population (60.9 million people) eat chicken, and they tend to do so at least twice a week. Over the course of a year that’s 6.3 billion occasions where chicken is eaten in homes, schools, hospitals, and restaurants across the country.