International Egg Council Conference to Shape the Future

by 5m Editor
6 August 2014, at 8:46am

GLOBAL - As part of the IEC's programme of 'Shaping the Future', a series of exciting new initiatives will be launched during the IEC Global Leadership Conference in September to support the development of the Egg Industry.

These will include; the Future Leaders Programme for the next generation of egg entrepreneurs, the first ever International Egg Nutrition Symposium, the formal establishment of the International Egg Foundation and the launch of the industry Think Tanks, which will include Blue Sky Thinkers and Genetics.

The Conference will take place in Edinburgh from 7 - 11 September. In addition to being the 50th Anniversary of the International Egg Commission, the new format Global Leadership Conference focus’s directly on the most relevant top level issues that are shaping the egg industry.

You can find out further details about the IEC Global Leadership Conference by clicking here.