Two Comfort 2 Aviary Houses Installed for Italian Egg Producer

ITALY - Jansen Poultry Equipment reports that two of its Comfort 2 aviary layer houses have been completed in Piegaro.
calendar icon 30 September 2014
clock icon 3 minute read

Two complete new layer houses have been built in Piegaro, Italy. Ferdinandi, already owner of broiler farms and former purchaser of hatching eggs now owns these two new houses. Ferdinandi preferred a system of Jansen Poultry Equipment.

Jansen Poultry Equipment
Construction of two new aviary layer houses

Ferdinandi said: As former purchaser of hatching egg, I experienced that eggs laid in laying nests from Jansen Poultry Equipment have by far the best quality. This is the main reason why I wanted systems form the Dutch poultry equipment supplier’’.

Eurotunnels, dealer of Jansen Poultry Equipment products, guided the project successfully.

Both houses have been separated into two tiers by an integrated plywood floor. Each floor is equipped with the Comfort 2 aviary system. This system consists of multiple tiers and provides a good view of the hens and simplifies inspection.

The systems also stimulated the natural behaviour of the hen. Hens move through the entire system and have easy access to the integrated LayMaxx laying nests that offers a perfect environment to lay eggs. The AutoShov litter removal system easily removes excess litter and keeps the litter level low, preventing floor eggs.

The MultiFlex Elevator and FlexBelt egg transport conveyor transport eggs safely from the egg belt of the Comfort 2 system to the central egg collection area. At this point, the FarmPacker egg packer and Cobot palletizing robot ensure an automated and precise egg handling, remaining the quality of the eggs.

Ferdinandi wanted a labour-efficient solution for the handling of manure. This is made possible by automatic manure disposal. Manure belts run automatically three times without needing to activate it manually. Manure out of the house will be transported to the manure drying system Compact. This systems enables a quick and energy efficient way of drying the manure.

Poultry specialist, Jan van den Brink, guided Ferdinandi with the start-up of the flock. He made sure that all-important factors responsible for the performance of the hens were implemented. He will ake a return visit to Ferdinandi in a few weeks to check if the production runs smoothly. This is part of the Poultry Management service that Jansen Poultry Equipment offers.

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