Countdown Continues to World Egg Day!

9 October 2014, at 9:12am

GLOBAL - On World Egg Day (10 October) countries around the globe celebrate the egg, one of nature’s superfoods.

So get cracking this Friday with delicious egg meals from around the world by trying some of these international egg recipes on including Eggy Mexican quesadillas, Vegetable biryani or Spanish baked eggs.

Or why not break a world record as well as an egg - like Mohamad Shahabaz Khan who achieved the most flips of an omelette with 103 flips in a minute!

Egg lovers can also celebrate a clutch of good news stories. The latest research shows eggs contain even more nutrients than 30 years ago, including 70 per cent more vitamin D than when they were last measured; the previous limits on egg consumption, due to their cholesterol content, have been lifted; and eggs have been shown to keep you feeling fuller for longer, making them a natural aid for dieters.

Make sure you select the best of British eggs for recipes from any part of the world – look for the British Lion mark, which guarantees that eggs have been produced to the highest standards of food safety.