Educational Poultry Videos Released

7 October 2014, at 8:08am

GLOBAL - The videos, from the World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA), are prepared for self study of technical staff and for use in training sessions.

A series of 13 new educational videos for family poultry development have been prepared by FAO based on the training of Associate Poultry Experts that was part of the IFAD-funded project, 'Smallholder Poultry Development Programme'.

They highlight the general role and situation of family poultry and their contribution to food security, income generation and gender equality; give information about family poultry nutrition and feeding in the different production systems; address topics of poultry health and disease control; and give information about the importance of assessing the economic aspects in family poultry development.

Further Reading

You can view the videos by clicking here.