Meadow Fed Geese Bring Nutritional and Environment Benefits

3 October 2014, at 10:05am

AUSTRIA – Geese feeding on meadows yield a lean, tasty meat, maintain landscapes and have a high welfare life, results of a ten year grazing project show.

A chamber of agriculture study in Burgenland, south east Austria, found that meat product is lower in fat that birds on ‘intensive farms’, while the benefits of the production system extend into tourism.

Visitors are noticing an improvement in the habitat of the meadow and pastureland area as a result of the 4,200 strong goose enterprise.

Commenting on the benefits of the 26 week grazing cycle, a land chamber spokesperson said: “An important advantage of grazing geese is that pasture is maintained.

“Such measures contribute to the beautiful landscape of Burgenland, the tourists notice more and more.”