Media Specialist Advises Poultry Sector to Get on Message

31 October 2014, at 9:12am

US - A professor of public relations advises the poultry sector to talk about antibiotic use and other production issues with the public in this video clip from Zoetis.

The poultry industry needs to “get on the same message” when talking about judicious antibiotic usage and other production topics, says Bryan Reber, PhD, a professor of public relations at the University of Georgia who specialises in message framing and crisis communications.

Talking to Poultry Health Today, Professor Reber continued: “So whether it’s a farmer talking to friends and family about the reason that they use antibiotics, or the reason that they handle their poultry in such a way, whether it’s the processor who is communicating directly to the retailer about how the poultry is treated, that messaging needs to be consistent at all levels.”

Do not consider silence to be an option, he said.

“If you don’t get your message out there, somebody will get their message out,” he added.