Pigeon Paramyxovirus Detected in Australia

13 October 2014, at 9:28am

AUSTRALIA - Biosecurity SA has been advised by the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer that pigeon paramyxovirus type one (PPMV-1) has been detected in a racing pigeon loft in Victoria.

The Victorian birds were unvaccinated and fully susceptible to the disease.

South Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Roger Paskin, said the detection in Victoria was a timely reminder that PPMV-1 was endemic and actively circulating in certain parts of Australia. It has not been found in any South Australian pigeons to date.

“Pigeon owners are advised to maintain vaccination, even if disease is not obviously present,” Dr Paskin said.

“Pigeon owners who are aware of, or unsure of their birds’ vaccination against this virus, should contact their veterinarian for more information on obtaining vaccination.”