Infectious Bronchitis: Advantageous Immune Defence

US - Feeding Diamond V Original XPC™ helped the response of the poultry immune system to either vaccination with infectious bronchitis vaccine or field virus.
calendar icon 20 November 2014
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Infectious bronchitis (IB) is one of the world’s most costly and pervasive diseases of poultry. The virus (IBV) is especially difficult to control because it generates large numbers of variants that complicate vaccine development, says Diamond V.

While biosecurity and vaccination remain the major preventive measures, new research has demonstrated the benefits of supporting the poultry immune system under challenge from IBV.

A recent study conducted at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in the US investigated the effects of feeding Diamond V Original XPC on the poultry immune system’s response to either vaccination with IBV vaccine or challenge with field IB virus.

Three previous published studies had reported an increase in antibody titers in Original XPC-fed broilers vaccinated with Newcastle Disease virus. Elevated immune responses to Newcastle vaccination or challenge indicated an improved level of protection.

Summarising the Auburn study in PoultryAdvisor, Diamond V’s Dr Don McIntyre noted that feeding Original XPC resulted in a stronger innate immune response that reduced the overall damaging effects of the infection and increased the number of cells secreting secretory IgA.

A properly functioning immune system means broilers can benefit from reduced vaccine reaction and secondary E. coli infections as well as improved performance during an IBV break.

Similarly, layers with a properly functioning immune system can better resist infections of IBV types that tend to build up in multi-age complexes. The result is better shell quality and egg production.

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