CID Lines Represented at Moroccan Poultry Show

4 December 2014, at 10:03am

MOROCCO - CID Lines was represented at the Dawajine poultry show in November.

CID Lines' Moroccan importer-distributor had a stand on the poultry show "Dawajine" in Casablanca.

This yearly show - from 25 to 27 November 2014 - is the meeting point for Morocco's poultry industry in its busiest city.

The company serves different industries in Morocco: poultry, dairy, food processing, horticulture and fisheries.

The country exports a lot of foods to Europe and its products meet European standards.

CID Lines
left to right: Luc Ledoux (CID LINES), Khair Eddine Soussi (CEO of Feed & Food) and Youssef Rhandi (business partner for the horticulture and food industries)