ECO Animal Health Highlights Future of Poultry Antimicrobials

US - ECO Animal Health will be showcasing its innovative antimicrobial treatment, Aivlosin®, on its booth at IPPE in Atlanta, 27-29 January 2015.
calendar icon 2 December 2014
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The Aivlosin products contain the novel macrolide, tylvalosin, which has been shown to have a number of benefits in poultry. In addition, the low dose rates and short treatment regimens support the responsible and judicious use of antibiotics.

Tylvalosin, the active substance in the Aivlosin formulations, is one of the most potent ones against poultry mycoplasma spp. Peak plasma levels are achieved within two hours of administration and tylvalosin quickly concentrates at the site of infection. It has also been shown to be concentrated in the cells of the specific immune system which fight infection.

According to Global Marketing Director at ECO Animal Health, Marc Coulier, this unique profile is rapidly making the Aivlosin products the treatment of choice for poultry veterinarians and producers for respiratory disease.

“The poultry industry is starting to realise the benefits of using a product like Aivlosin for ensuring flock health and aiding a speedy recovery from the production losses associated with mycoplasmal infections. We have seen a big increase in interest in Aivlosin in all parts of the world.

“Aivlosin is particularly being used for targeted treatment strategies for respiratory and enteric diseases such as mycoplasmosis, ORT (caused by Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale) and necrotic enteritis in poultry,” he said.

Part of the success of Aivlosin is due to its activity against bacteria both inside and outside cells and its bactericidal effect on Mycoplasma spp. Aivlosin is available as a medicated premix and as water soluble granules. The latter formulation allows birds to be dosed easily and quickly in response to any disease outbreak.

“At a time when everyone is looking more closely at the use of antimicrobials in animal production, ECO Animal Health supports the responsible use of these essential drugs, and Aivlosin is an excellent example of that principle in action. This is an antimicrobial which is not used in human medicine and which is used for a rapid response only as and when issues arise. Aivlosin’s effective low dosage regimen is attractive for poultry meat retailers and thus, reflects the direction in which the industry is now moving,” added Mr Coulier.

The ECO Animal Health booth [A2 445] will have more detailed information on the use of Aivlosin for poultry and for pigs.

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