New Aviagen Broiler Nutrition Specifications

US - Aviagen® has released new broiler nutrition specifications for its Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® breeds.
calendar icon 5 December 2014
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The latest update includes changes in a number of key areas and complements the nutrition information included in the recently revised broiler handbooks.

New broiler nutrition specifications for its Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® breeds.

As an example, the upper and lower weight ranges have changed significantly. The number of live weight target categories for the nutrient recommendations has been increased to better reflect the range of product mix occurring in the global marketplace. There are now five weight target categories ranging from < 1.6kg to 4.0kg.

Other major changes include modifications to the Amino Acid and energy levels. Modifications to recommended Amino Acid levels are based on recently published and Aviagen’s own internal research.

The recommendation is for an overall increase in specific Amino Acids in the feed to reflect improvements in the genetic potential of the broilers. At the same time, energy levels are slightly reduced in line with a global downward trend and supported by strong broiler performance on these levels in Aviagen’s own research.

The final changes are to the recommended mineral and vitamin levels. Recommendations for calcium and phosphorus have decreased significantly since the last publication as excellent genetics have led to significant improvement in skeletal strength.

Recommended levels of iron in the trace mineral supplementation have been reduced to avoid over-supplementation, while levels of biotin have been increased based on positive responses in biological performance, skin quality and immune status. Finally, improvements in FCR have led to an increase in vitamin levels to ensure that the vitamin intake stays the same even though feed intake is lower.

Alex Corzo, Head of Aviagen’s Global Nutrition Team said: "It is important to note that these recommended nutrient specifications are based on achieving optimal biological performance, bird health and welfare.

"That said we do recognise that each flock can have differences based on location, environment and the quality of available feed. These new nutrition recommendations for broilers take a global outlook but at the same time provide advice which can be tailored to local needs.

"Used in conjunction with our broiler handbooks, these specifications should deliver the constant levels of high performance growers expect from any Aviagen product."

The new specifications are now available for Arbor Acres, Indian River, Ross 308, Ross 708 and Ross PM3.

Charlotte Rowney

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