UK Chicken Breed Debuts at Kisan 2014

24 December 2014, at 10:11am

INDIA - A chicken breed from the UK - Brahma-Cockerel was displayed at the annual Kisan 2014 (farmers) event in Pune from 10 to 14 December 2014.

5m Publishing Kumar
British chicken at Kisan 2014

The birds were displayed by Fancy Poultry Farm, Kerala-based breeder at the event along with Spanish chicken breed and other exotic birds.

Speaking to 5m Publishing, farm owner, Jabir Suliaman said: “The birds are up for sale and cost around $320 pair that comes in three colours - Golden Brahma, Columbian Brahma and Dark Brahma.”

“They are native to the UK and we breed them at our farms. They reach a weight of 10kg per bird,” the official said.

“They are eye-catching but they are not good for a farmer of poultry as they only lay 120 eggs in a year,” Suresh Bhosle, Nasik farmers told 5m Publishing.

5m Publishing JK
Also on display were Spanish chickens

“We give all the details how to keep the birds after the sale; one has to follow feed pattern which is given to birds at the time of sale,” Mr Suliaman added.

The cost of a pair of Spanish chicken cost around $160 and has a maximum weight of 500 to 800g.

Kisan 2014 saw participation of 125,000 people during the five-day event and over 398 companies participated in the show.