Avian Flu Hits Turkeys in Palestine's West Bank

22 January 2015, at 12:10am

PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - A farmer in the West Bank culled his two turkey flocks last week on suspicion of high-path avian flu, which has since been confirmed as an H5 subtype.

The veterinary authority sent an Immediate Notification dated 20 January to the World Organisation for Animal Health, which has just been posted.

On 17 January, two turkey flocks – 77 and 124 days of age – in the village of Siris in the Jenin region of the West Bank - suffered elevated mortality. Of the 17,400 birds in total, all showed signs and 12,000 died. Around 1,400 were destroyed. The farmer slaughtered 4,000 birds before the infection was confirmed; these have been condemned.

The presence of an H5 subtype of the virus has been confirmed.

The last outbreak of avian flu in the Palestinian Territory was in March 2011.

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