Huvepharma Launches Effective NSP Enzyme with New Application Method

US - Hostazym X is one of the world’s most versatile non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes, according to Huvepharma.
calendar icon 15 January 2015
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As a result of the unique production process Surface Fermentation (SF), Hostazym®X from Huvepharma® has multiple enzyme activities, which makes this enzyme suitable for both pig and poultry formulations.


The producing strain is a Trichoderma, which generates xylanase activity with double action: it cracks the cell walls, which enclose nutrients, by destroying the non-soluble NSP fraction (especially important in corn-soy based feeds) and it also lowers the viscosity of the feed, which is important for wheat- and barley-based feeds.

This results in better energy conversion and better protein digestibility, making Hostazym X the preferred NSP enzyme for use in feeds for pigs and poultry independent of the raw material sources being used.

Because of the SF production method, the stability of Hostazym X in both storage and processing is much higher than most other NSP enzymes. Intense processing can still destroy enzyme activity, and to avoid these losses, adding enzymes after the critical temperature processing step in a liquid form is the best solution.

However, liquid enzymes normally have a shorter shelf-life and lower storage stability than dry enzymes, and the use of bulky IBC containers requires extra storage space and transport which increase the costs to use liquid enzymes.

Huvepharma has developed a revolutionary new and innovative concept to overcome this by producing the liquid enzyme on site at the feed mill. By dissolving the instant water-soluble Hostazym X in powder form (brand name: Hostazym X WSP) at the feed mill with specially supplied equipment, a revolutionary step forward can be made.

Quality of the feed is improved while labour, waste and costs are reduced!

This makes Hostazym X the preferred NSP enzyme in all pig and poultry feeds. Please contact your nearest Huvepharma representative or visit the company at Booth 1057 at the IPPE in Atlanta.

For more information, email Global Director Enzymes, Karel Bierman or visit

Charlotte Rowney

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