New App for Turkey and Chicken Welfare

8 January 2015, at 10:17am

US - Humane Farm Animal Care has developed an innovative app that can improve the health and welfare of turkeys and chickens.

Dr Inma Estevez, one of Humane Farm Animal Care’s scientific committee members, has helped develop an economically-viable app that is highly-effective at evaluating the health and welfare of commercial chicken and turkey flocks, giving producers the first technology-based programme to evaluate the well-being of their farm animals.

The I-WatchTurkey and I-WatchBroiler apps grew out of collaborations with the AWIN Project – a European Union-funded programme coordinated by Dr Adroaldo Zanella, another Humane Farm Animal Care scientific committee member.

The AWIN Project supports the development of scientific protocols for the welfare of sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and turkeys – animals that are commercially-relevant, but often forgotten in animal welfare assessments.

Kudos to Dr Estevez for developing an app that farmers can use to improve the welfare of their turkey and chicken flocks, and to Dr Zanella for his leadership in farm animal welfare and for obtaining the funding for the AWIN programme.

You can read more about the new turkey tracker App by clicking here.