Taking Poultry Production to Another Level

THE NETHERLANDS - Jansen Poultry Equipment supports poultry farmers with the complete design of their house and shares its knowledge about poultry and technology.
calendar icon 22 January 2015
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Overall view for successful poultry production

The equipment of a poultry house plays an important role in producing good results. Systems should contribute to the performance of animals, ensure convenience working methods and be labour-saving. A long life-time of systems also ensures maximum results for the long-term. In addition, all systems should reinforce and connect each other.

The complete picture has to be right. Jansen Poultry Equipment supports poultry farmers with the complete design of their house and shares its knowledge about poultry and technology. The company helps farmers to take their poultry production to another level.

The Overall View: Some Aspects That Determine Success

Applying knowledge about poultry on technique

Jansen Poultry Equipment
Premium+ nest with breeder

Systems that support natural needs of animals and used in the right way, increase performances. The design of housing systems like materials, shape en arrangement of parts must be developed on the basis of poultry knowledge. What is the behaviour of poultry? Which materials does poultry prefer? How can behaviour be influenced in a positive way? These and other crucial questions are being answered by Jansen Poultry Equipment during the development of new systems.

Take, for example, the design of a laying nest. Hens prefer to lay their eggs in a shielded and dark environment. By taking this and other knowledge into account, Jansen Poultry Equipment designed comfortable and attractable laying nests. These nests affect the nesting behaviour in a positive way. Knowledge about the vulnerability of eggs has contributed to sanitary nests and an exact measured roll distance from the eggs to the egg belt. The nest therefore captures the sanitary condition and quality of eggs.

The results of poultry farmers that produce with systems of Jansen Poultry Equipment show that this design works. The quality of eggs is excellent. The hatchability of eggs is very high. And hens prefer to lay their eggs in the nests.

Managing systems on the base of animal knowledge

Also responsible for the behaviour and performance of poultry are the drinking and feeding lines, ventilation and light. Incorrect placement of feeding and drinking lines for example may lead to an increased amount of floor eggs. Feeding lines in front of the laying nest block the access to the laying nest during feeding. Drinking lines in front of the nests on the other hand, attract birds to the nests.

Also ventilation is of great importance for performance. Draughts in the nests do not encourage nest visits. Also not to forget is the lighting scheme that plays an important role in daily routine and laying behaviour of poultry. There are many other factors that determine the performance of poultry.

Efficient production

Jansen Poultry Equipment
FlexBelt egg transport system

Excellent performance of poultry is one important aspect for success. Another success factor is the efficiency of the production. For example, a solution for efficient processing of eggs is an egg transport system with egg packer and palletising or setter tray robot.

The egg transport system brings eggs safe out of the house and transports them to the central packaging area. Here the eggs are being packed into trays or setter trays.

A palletising or setter tray robot places trays accurately onto pallets or into containers. The quality of the eggs is preserved and more eggs can be produced per hour. Labour-saving, quality eggs and fast processing are the results.

By approaching poultry production via the overall view, you can take it to another level. Make sure your equipment and management skills are not good but excellent.

Start immediately with successful production

Do you want to know if you can optimise your poultry production? Or do you want to seek advice on the most appropriate equipment for your poultry house?

Contact one of the poultry specialists of Jansen Poultry Equipment. For more information, go to www.jpe.org. For direct contact call +31 342 427 000 or mail [email protected].

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