US Senator Takes on South Africa over Poultry Meat Duties

22 January 2015, at 9:23am

US - A Delaware senator is pushing for renewed efforts to force South Africa to cut the duty on imports of poultry meat from the US.

Senator Chris Coons (pictured above) of Delaware is taking on South Africa over the duties it imposes on poultry meat imported from the US, according to Delaware Online.

To force a resolution to the issue, he is planning to use as leverage the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which will soon be reviewed by the Senate Finance Committee.

Senator Coons describes the South African imposition since 2000 of "anti-dumping duties" on US poultry meat, unfair and illegal under World Trade Organization rules.

A spokesman for Delaware-based Mountaire Farms said the state's growers would benefit if the South African market was opened up.