Iranian Institute Develops New Poultry Vaccine

IRAN - A new quadrivalent poultry vaccine has been designed at the Razi Institute for Serum and Vaccine.
calendar icon 16 February 2015
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Researchers at Tehran’s Razi Institute for Serum and Vaccine have produced the quadrivalent vaccine, which is designed to protect against egg drop syndrome, Newcastle disease, bird flu virus (H9N2) and infectious bursal disease (IBD), according Iran Daily.

Egg drop syndrome is a viral disease of birds, notably chickens, ducks, geese and swans. The phrase “egg drop” refers to the drop in egg production, which is how the disease is usually detected. The disease results in thin-shelled or shell-less eggs.

Newcastle disease is a contagious bird disease affecting both domestic and wild avian species. An infected bird may exhibit several signs, including respiratory signs (gasping, coughing), nervous signs (muscular tremors, drooping wings, twisting of head and neck, complete paralysis), rough- or thin-shelled eggs and reduced egg production.

IBD is a highly contagious disease of young chickens caused by infectious bursal disease virus characterised by immune-suppression and mortality at three to six weeks of age.

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