Israel Reports Four New Avian Flu Outbreaks

3 February 2015, at 12:57am

ISRAEL - A total of 87,000 domestic poultry have been affected in four new outbreaks of H5N1 bird flu in Hamerkaz.

The latest report by the veterinary authority to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) covers four new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza involving the H5N1 virus variant.

All the outbreaks started between 27 and 30 January and are in the Sharon district of Hamerkaz. One was in a broiler breeder flock while growing turkeys were involved in the other three.

Increased mortality was seen in the turkeys. For the broiler breeders, aged 36 weeks - clinical signs were internal laying, mortality and gut mucus changes in one of four pens of birds.

In total, 87,000 birds were involved in the four outbreaks and 2,900 showed symptoms; 730 died and 49,640 have been destroyed.

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