New Avian Flu Outbreak Reported in Israeli Turkeys

16 February 2015, at 12:26am

ISRAEL - Highly pathogenic avian influenza of the H5N1 subtype has been identifed as the cause of a new outbreak in a turkey flock in Hamerkaz

The veterinary authority sent Follow Up Report No.3 dated 12 February to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

It records one new outbreak of avian flu in a flock of 18,000 nine-week-old turkeys at Kefar Vitkin in HaSharon, which started on 9 February. Around 1,000 of the birds showed signs of disease and 200 died. The remaining 17,000 have been destroyed.

According to the report, this outbreak is very close to Kfar Monash, where an outbreak was diagnosed a few days previously.

The presence of the H5N1 variant of the virus has been confirmed.

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