Tyson Donates Truckload of Chicken to Food Bank

12 February 2015, at 1:06am

US – A North Carolina food bank has received a shipment of chicken from world agri-foods giant, Tyson Foods.

Second Harvest Food Bank covers a population of 300,000 people across eighteen counties and is expecting a second donation as part of the “Be a Hunger Hero” campaign.

The donation, which will go to providing food assistance efforts in the north west of the state, will be a boost to the close to 100,000 children depending on the bank.

Executive director of Second Harvest, Clyde Fitzgerald, said: “In the 18 counties served by our food bank, one in six residents turns to our partner network for help to put food on their tables, and more than one in four children are food insecure.

“The engaging ‘Be a Hunger Hero’ campaign invited families to be super heroes for our neighbors in need. It was a tremendous success and we, along with the entire Feeding America network of food banks, give thanks for the resulting much-needed donations of protein-rich products.”