Committee Workshop Invitation to Industry World Egg Event

11 March 2015, at 8:48am

PORTUGAL – An invitation to attend committee workshops at a leading egg industry event has been issued by the International Egg Commission (IEC).

Lisbon hosts the conference from 12 to 14 April.

Speaker presentations will run at workshops as part of the new conference format across many committees including economics; production and trade and marketing.

The aim is to create a forum for discussion to really focus in on topics of relevance to your businesses, and to encourage your input and involvement.

Production and trade talks will include a panel discussion with Dr Christianne Bruschke, Chief Veterinary Officer, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands and Eric Hubers, Chairman, Ovoned, Netherlands - "Working together to beat influenza".

  • Marketing: Discussions on "Next steps for IENC" and "Individual Country Reports"
  • EPI: Marianne Hammershoj, Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • "Recent processes and technologies in relation to egg protein functionality"
  • Economics: Prof. Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst, IEC Statistical Analyst, Germany
  • "Housing systems in laying hen husbandry. Development, present situation and perspectives"