Exhibitor Reviews VIV Asia 2015

19 March 2015, at 8:24am

THAILAND - VIV Asia 2015 was a great success for both visitors and exhibitors, reports Jansen Poultry Equipment.

A wide range of products for the poultry production were displayed, including products of Jansen Poultry Equipment. The company launched the new BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor that enables a high capacity method of harvesting. Also the Premium+ laying nest was displayed and received a lot of interest among the visitors.

The new BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor harvesting system allows simultaneous harvesting of all tiers and rows of the BroMaxx colony system. In 2012, the company already launched the EasyLoader® lifting system, a high-capacity method to harvest broilers without damage. The meat quality of the birds remains in perfect condition. Because broilers are automatically transported into containers, the EasyLoader system also saves a lot of labour and time.

With the completion of the new BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor harvesting system, Jansen Poultry Equipment now offers five various methods of harvesting. Each solution completes various wishes and demands.

As almost every exhibition, the Premium+® laying nest received a lot of interest. The popularity of the Premium+® laying nest can be subscribed to the high production results of clean hatching eggs with an high hatchability rate and an minimum of floor eggs. Also and the high quality of the system which enables a long production life-time can be subscribed to the popularity of the system.

Carmelo Ferlito, Sales Director Asia, commented: “The exhibition was huge, with a higher surface compared with the previous editions. We experience a good number of visitors and it has to be noticed the number of farmers from Indonesia.”