Orka Launches Egg Candling Lamp

12 March 2015, at 9:28am

GLOBAL - has developed a new egg candling lamp.

EggTester.Com (better known as 'ORKA Food Technology') has developed a new product, Egg OR Candler™.

Orka Eggtester lamp

ORKA's Egg OR-Candler is a portable LED battery/mains operated egg candling lamp, allowing the user to candle both white and brown eggs in any environment.

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The current ORKA range comprises:

  • The Egg Analyzer: this instrument determines the weight of eggs, albumen height, Haugh units, yolk colour and USDA grade for routine quality control and regulatory compliance
  • The Egg Force Reader: this device measures the force required to crush a shell and is a direct measure of marketability
  • The Eggshell Thickness Gauge: this instrument uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of shells for quality control and research applications.
  • The Digital Haugh Tester (New!): this instrument is extremely precise and friendly to use in order to assist you with the correct process of reading of the albumen height.

The ORKA range of instruments is used extensively in QC laboratories operated by egg producers, packers, universities, regulatory authorities, and primary breeders.

For more information, email Katz Yoshida or visit the web site,