Russian Production Index Introduced at Seminar in Turkey

RUSSIA & TURKEY - The Russian Production Index was introduced during the Annual Baltisa seminar in Turkey, reports Hubbard.
calendar icon 6 March 2015
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At the end of 2014, BALTISA, the exclusive distributor of Hubbard for Russia and CIS countries, organised its annual seminar in Kemer, Turkey.


Over 150 participants, from more than 40 poultry companies in Russia and neighbouring countries, responded to the invitation of Gennady Petrovich Syedin, director of BALTISA. More than 30 hours of advanced economical and technical sessions and round tables were shared with the attendees in a highly professional yet friendly atmosphere.

During this seminar the ‘Russian Production Index’, giving a better measure of the economic importance of the different traits, was introduced to serve as a new parameter for real efficiency in broiler growing.

Eggs per square metre

The current increased demand for poultry meat in Russia and CIS did raise the question of the optimisation of the parent-stock productivity and the increase of the day-old chick output.

Considering the today’s high cost and low availability of foreign hatching eggs, the Hubbard F15, that shows the highest eggs and chicks output per square metre, has been chosen by many customers as their “golden” solution.

Obtaining more than 1,100 eggs per square metre has become a common practice for most of BALTISA’s customers. This is a fair 20 per cent more than any standard breeder achieves!

Led by Maxim Golosov (BALTISA’s Technical Director) management, sanitary and hatchery advice was discussed, enabling the further improvement of parent stock performance. The table below clearly shows that there is still room for further improvement.


Russian Production Index

Considering the cost of raw materials, housing costs and the increased demand for local production, the Russian broiler industry is today driven by FCR, productivity per square metre and total meat yield (whole meat production and carcass quality).

BALTISA’s introduction of the Russian Production Index (RPI) was warmly welcomed by the attendees of the seminar.

  • RPI=((kg/square metre*liveability)/FCR)*10

This ‘Russian Production Index’, prioritises the global performance of a given broiler flock rather than individual broiler performance.

It does not only give value to the individual growth and yield but, above all, emphasises the role of the stocking density as an integral part of the overall flock performance. In today’s Russian market, where high stocking densities are used, where thinning has become a common practice, and where the kg of meat per square metre has become the main focus, the Russian Production Index perfectly responds to today's market situation in Russia.

Therefore a strong technical focus was given during the seminar on the proper broiler feeding and management, litter quality and on the conditions to maximise true yields at the processing plant.

BALTISA awards for outstanding performance

Being the no.1 breed in Russia for many years now, the Hubbard F15 continues to progress on all traits that matter for the integrators: lowest feed consumed per day-old-chick produced, highest day-old chick output per square metre, highest total meat yield per square metre, optimal carcass quality and an unbeatable FCR.

During the gala dinner, awards for “outstanding performance” were given to the farm managers achieving the best technical field results.

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